Welcome to KayakFishingNZ.com Store

If you want to show your love of KayakFishingNZ.com or you want to make sure that your kayak is correctly identified, then this is the store you have been looking for! You can get some stock KayakfishingNZ.com decals or get some custom decals made up with your name/handle and/or VHF call sign made up.

The decals available on here are made to order right here in NZ and sent to your door anywhere in New Zealand. The decals are cut from high quality long-life vinyl and are perfect for your kayak, car, trailer, or whatever else you want to stick them to.

All profits from this store will go towards helping someone with their kayak fishing affliction, you can sleep soundly knowing that you have done your part to make sure they are correctly equipped to go chasing those fish and that Mental will tell you all about it on the forum when he snags that big one!